Hello world!


As a “seasoned” Linux user I am embarrassed to admit that this is the second try at maintaining a blog … the first time, I managed to somehow destroy the MYSQL database and erase the blog! I wonder if anyone else at Yahoo had the problem? They sure do give the users a lot of power over their own administration. Good. But be prepared to learn. Even if you think you know a lot.

Which is sort of what this blog will be about, at least initially. Learning .. through exploring. I am an academic who also likes to think of himself as a scientist. Maybe we all are? Science is about being curious, excited, creative, intuitive, stubborn, meticulous, and above all, being willing to be wrong.

I will try and plot my course through some tricky problems in computer science, cognitive science and knowledge management on the semantic web. Tomorrow I will try and break in from where I am now.

Maybe someone will read this blog and maybe we can learn somehow. If not, there is always the possibility that I will become very famous, and these notes will become publishable and marketable at a great price!!!


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