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The Book

I have written a book about this extraordinary athlete and man. In some ways he may have been the greatest athlete of all time. Not only did he single handedly become World Champion weightlifter in a country with no weightlifting tradition, but his revolutionary training methods made Hungary into an overnight powerhouse. He experimented on his own body to develop a revolutionary training system which he used to make his nation one of the strongest in the world.

Hungary was several times ranked second behind the Soviet Union at the world championships during his reign. Immediately following his departure to Turkey and then Australia, the standard started to drop and within ten years Hungary was no longer a competitive force in the Weightlifting world.

“A sporting genius” seems like the only accurate way to describe him. Please enjoy the book, which is freely available in several formats from the link above.



Nexus too

So I got my Nexus into Norway via Singapore. Don’t ask.

Was it worth it? Well it is a beautiful phone without question. Best screen ever. Awesome to hold. Great range of apps.

But when you start using it. … the keypad sucks, the contacts don’t sync properly, the messenger does not like your synced contacts, your mail client does not like your mail server, and your phone network won’t connect after using wifi for a couple of hours (I swear it is true).
But on the strength of the open architecture I have replaced the native keyboard and messenger application with an iPhone lookalike. Now I am happy with my multi tasking iPhone clone. Makes you wonder. Is Steve Jobs the only person in the world who can ship a proper device?

Can’t wait until the iPad makes it to the Arctic.

Vanishing Point

This financial crisis is a real bummer. It showed us that much of the world’s livelihood depends on Americans buying things they don’t need with money they don’t have. Nothing like a world built on solid foundations!

And our biggest hope is that we can return to that state as quickly as possible!

But perhaps the saddest thing is that, while the excesses will no doubt return, their glory looks to fade.

Here is the view of the future: cruising Route 66 in a Toyota Prius ….


I am sitting in Klagenfurt Austria at the 11th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems (NLDB). There are quite a few prominent scientists who work on internet search, ontologies, and natural language interfaces to information stores of all sorts. I talked about Web2.0 and Folksonomies, and to my surprise not a single one of them had ever heard of either! It was a bit of a shock, since I had come to believe that had already taken over the world!

Anyway, Klagenfurt is a fabulous little place, right at the foot of the Austrian Alps.

Right on Writely

A while back I wrote a short blog about how much I liked Writely the web based word processor. Apparently Google liked it too, and they bought the company.

Before then, I was an “active user” sending bug reports concerning Firefox on Linux which is my platform. I got a personal email from the developers thanking me for the bug reports, because this is not so common a platform (unfortunately!!!!)

Anyway, after the buyout I sent them a message saying how glad I was for their success, and telling them how much I appreciated the service they provided before. I hoped the service would continue after the buyout. Amazingly, a few hours later I received another email from the developers, in response to my comment, thanking me for the support!!!

Amazing. Here is a bunch of guys who did not go straight to the bar to celebrate their success …. which they well deserve.

Hello world!


As a “seasoned” Linux user I am embarrassed to admit that this is the second try at maintaining a blog … the first time, I managed to somehow destroy the MYSQL database and erase the blog! I wonder if anyone else at Yahoo had the problem? They sure do give the users a lot of power over their own administration. Good. But be prepared to learn. Even if you think you know a lot.

Which is sort of what this blog will be about, at least initially. Learning .. through exploring. I am an academic who also likes to think of himself as a scientist. Maybe we all are? Science is about being curious, excited, creative, intuitive, stubborn, meticulous, and above all, being willing to be wrong.

I will try and plot my course through some tricky problems in computer science, cognitive science and knowledge management on the semantic web. Tomorrow I will try and break in from where I am now.

Maybe someone will read this blog and maybe we can learn somehow. If not, there is always the possibility that I will become very famous, and these notes will become publishable and marketable at a great price!!!