Open Data Suffers

TechChrunch reported this interesting piece about the way budget cuts have hit the initiative. 

The gist of it is that the open government data initiative is up against hard times because it has not lived up to its promises.

But this is wrong. One key role for government is to push innovation in those areas where the profit is not immediately obvious. Like the internet, some years ago. Imagine if the Internet had been cut because it wasn’t obvious who the users were ….

My Android is braindead

Sorry to say but it is true.

My Nexus One, bulletproof final Froyo, still cannot figure out when the wifi access point is gone and you gotta switch to 3G.  I have to do it manually almost every time. RIP Android.

I read a story about a guy in Singapore who sold his Nexus because of “reception problems” and bought an iPhone 4. That’ll be me some day. 

Nexus too

So I got my Nexus into Norway via Singapore. Don’t ask.

Was it worth it? Well it is a beautiful phone without question. Best screen ever. Awesome to hold. Great range of apps.

But when you start using it. … the keypad sucks, the contacts don’t sync properly, the messenger does not like your synced contacts, your mail client does not like your mail server, and your phone network won’t connect after using wifi for a couple of hours (I swear it is true).
But on the strength of the open architecture I have replaced the native keyboard and messenger application with an iPhone lookalike. Now I am happy with my multi tasking iPhone clone. Makes you wonder. Is Steve Jobs the only person in the world who can ship a proper device?

Can’t wait until the iPad makes it to the Arctic.

Vanishing Point

This financial crisis is a real bummer. It showed us that much of the world’s livelihood depends on Americans buying things they don’t need with money they don’t have. Nothing like a world built on solid foundations!

And our biggest hope is that we can return to that state as quickly as possible!

But perhaps the saddest thing is that, while the excesses will no doubt return, their glory looks to fade.

Here is the view of the future: cruising Route 66 in a Toyota Prius ….


I saw a cute cartoon which made me remember that semantics is a word that is often maligned, and has a bad connotation for many people. I forget this because semantics is to me the most central of all areas of inquiry. It is a bout how things mean what they do .. how humans interact with their world and each other.


Gutenberg Bible


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I was looking through my pictures and found this .. I stayed at a hotel called the “Hotel Gutenbergs” in Riga, Latvia, a couple of years ago. In the foyer there were these Gutenberg bibles on stands and in a glass case. I asked the guy behind the counter if they were real? I suddenly thought of my mother who always asks the butcher if the meat is fresh …

He really started something, I guess.