Good Bye Yahoo!

I hope it is not to be, but I have already found a new web hosting company to replace Yahoo! hosting, who run this blog …. should the unthinkable buyout from Mickeysoft go ahead.
I have also kind of found a replacement for Flickr …. will be hard to replace

So PLEASE let sanity prevail and don’t let share market greed win this one!!


One thought on “Good Bye Yahoo!

  1. Hi Csaba, reading your blog with interest, though I can’t comment it in any way. Interesting stuff. I have a question partly relatee, since your are talking about plattform, which bolg server or host do you recommend? I want to give mine a mondern view, so do I choose or Are there some ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ things in these communities…..
    Thanks and best wishes to down under.

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