Folksonomies are not a “bad” thing!

I have been busy lately testing some of my ideas about the semantics of tags .. which I will blog as soon as I have a coherent set of things to say. In the meantime I wanted to write this post in case there is a misconception that I have somehow been maligning this whole tagging business. I have not. I think there is lots of cool stuff being done with them, and I especially love the potential of the Yahoo My Web 2.0 stuff.

I also love the new browser, Flock. It is based on the Firefox code base, so I hope they don’t all start fighting together, but I think Flock really shows the potential of bringing together the content on “my web”.

My point is that folksonomies can do even more, if we are able to extract the full richness of their semantics. This is what I am trying to do right now.

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